Reed Bement's Engineering Page

This page contains links to the documentation for some of my recent projects. I provide this documentation for educational purposes only, with the hope that it provides others with ideas for their own projects. If you have any suggestions or comments contact me at: 


To package my projects I use a Grizzly G8689 mini-mill converted to CNC for housing manufacture and a ProtoMat C40 to mill the circuit boards. A Grizzly G8688 mini-lathe sees much less frequent use when I need custom standoffs or other cylindrical parts. 

For best results, the PNG format schematics and board layout files posted here should be downloaded then viewed and/or printed with a graphics editing program which supports zoom and pan. I recommend IrfanView which is available for free from c/net. The design documents were done with Eagle 4.1 which is available from CadSoft as a freeware version. Also recommended.


Keywords: DIY, Open Hardware


G8689 - Grizzly G8689 mini-mill motor controller repair.

L297L298 - Simple stepper motor controller. Max 2A, 40V.

Combiner - PIC 12C671 based battery combiner for marine or RV application.

Serial Data Comm - Win32 to PIC serial data communications skeleton project. (In progress)

Motor Controler Manager - Tachometer display with motor control management. (In progress)